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I am an established journalist specialising in travel, and in bringing positive stories from developing countries – in particular those across sub-Saharan Africa – to a wider audience.
Over the course of my career I’ve been lucky enough to report from countries such as Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Guatemala, Malawi, Uganda and South Africa. Too often places such as these are associated with bad news in the western media. I aim to help change that.

As well as my own published journalism, I have also over the years built up a network of fellow journalists based in African countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe, who I commission on a regular basis for various clients.
I also regularly ghostwrite articles and blogs on a variety of topics including women’s rights, sustainability, fair trade and responsible tourism.


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Recent work

easyJet - Monte Carlo

easyJet - Essaouira

easyJet - Marrakech

easyJet - Andorra

easyJet - Morocco

easyJet - Languedoc Roussillon

easyJet - Carcassonne

easyJet - Aix En Provence

easyJet - Marseille

easyJet - Toulon

easyJet - Nice

easyJet - Almancil

Sawubona Magazine, South African Airways

Feature article on the Black Mambas, the world’s first all-female anti-poaching unit, March 2017.

High Life Magazine, British Airways

Six-page first-person travel piece exploring Sierra Leone.

Wings Magazine, Arik Air

Cover story on the beauty and beaches of Sierra Leone, January 2017.


Do Not Disturb Magazine, Best Western

Commissioned to write a variety of features on Best Western hotels as part of a story-gathering project.

Cafe Culture magazine

Positive News